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Our Family


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Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Thanksgiving Day Celebration"

Today was a great day to celebrate all God's goodness in our lives. Bryan and Jordan and their spouses are on the same schedule of spending holidays with us, so it was great having both families for Thanksgiving. "Grandma" aka Tony's mom lives in Bella Vista, so she was able to join us as well. Jordan, Jenna and myself planned our meal on Sunday after lunch. I have to say both girls did an amazing job with their portion of the meal and I think David joined in on some cooking as well.
"The Cooks" Jenna, Me & Jordan

"The Spread of Food"
"Yummy Food" we all enjoyed!!!

"The Crew" Hudson, Jenna, Bryan, Tony, David, Jordan and Grandma

Okay I have to explain the following pictures. Tony's mom, "Grandma", loves to sleep. She can keep us all entertained without even knowing it. Bryan was beside her on the couch and we were all hanging out watching football and not even trying to be quiet. Bryan had his iPad and decided to start taking pictures of Grandma. We figured a group picture would be fun. Tony had no idea what we were doing, he was in another room.
Grandma, Bryan, Jenna, Me, Jordan & David

Since we had so much fun with a group picture, why not have more fun. We had Jordan make a sign so Bryan could put Grandma on E-Harmony Facebook page. I'm not sure if she really made the page, but we had lots of fun!
"Grandma" she keep life interesting!

This is how we got the picture!

It was great having all of us together today. We started playing a game called "Things" but Hudson woke up shortly after we started, so GPa took Hudson outside while the rest of us played the game. Grandma even joined in on the game and made it more fun.

After Bryan and Jenna left,  Jordan helped me transform our home from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a short amount of time. I always love having her help me decorate the tree.

I continue to praise God for my health and so thankful for ALL His goodness in my life!

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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