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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Post Chemo Day"

I've had several people checking in on me today to see how chemo went yesterday and not seeing a blog post were concerned that I was not doing well.  God is always faithful and has seen me through each night and day and continues to show me His mercies every day.

I went in yesterday for chemo.  There was an issue getting blood return from my port but within an hour everything was a go and there were no other complications.  I received one of my chemo drugs and will get both chemo drugs next week.  God is so faithful in everything in our lives.  I was able to work in the afternoon.  Last night I was having issues with nausea and had to take some medication.  I woke up very early this morning with nausea again and had to take more medication and was able to sleep in.  I am thankful to say that I was able to be at work all afternoon and be with the youth tonight for both service times. 

I had a sweet friend I have never met that reads my blog that sent me a book written by John Piper called "Don't Waster Your Cancer".  It is a very quick easy read, the size of a small pamphlet.  It was an encouragement to me to remind me that this journey I'm on is not about me but about bringing glory to God.  Everything that happens in our lives doesn't take Him by surprise but He has a purpose for it all.  We may never fully understand the reasons for why things happen the way they do but if we know and trust in Jesus to be our Savior, we win in the end no matter how things turn out in this life. 

I am grateful for life today and that God gave me grace to live another day on this earth.  I don't know what tomorrow may bring, but I am thankful I don't have to worry, He already has a plan for me. 

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. Oh, Janet, you just continue to be such an inspiration. I wish I lived nearby and could give you a big hug. Blessings as you continue on this tough, tough journey!

  2. Thanks for posting, friend...so glad to see how you are doing. I love knowing how to specifically pray for you this morning. May God bless you today!