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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"In My Life, Jesus"

Well it has been a week since I last blogged so I will update how everything has been going.  I received Zometa (a drug that strengthens your bones) last Tuesday and was not prepared for the side effect it would have on my body.  I usually do not take pain medication other than Tylenol and I am so grateful my doctor basically made me get a prescription filled.  The pain was so severe during the night and next day that I had to miss work and sleep most of the day away.  So thankful this was one of the first times that I was not able to function and decided my job would be there for me the next day.  Tony is blessed to work for a company that has been very supportive and allows him time off anytime he needs it.  He was able to stay home and nurse me back to health.  All I could picture during the pain was that my bones were actually being made stronger and that the pain would be worth it.  I will receive this medication once a month and will be more prepared the next time with medication before the pain hits so hard.

Tony and I were able to go for a long walk on Friday and enjoy the amazing weather God brought to us.  We took Hudson out on Saturday for a walk to the waterfall in Bella Vista and enjoyed watching the innocence of him exploring everything.  There are a lot of posted signs along the trail telling you about different plants, trees, etc and he had to stop and read each one and as he's reading each one this is what he says, "saw the big waterfall, now going to the little waterfall". 

We met with the oncologist/radiologist today and were encouraged with his plan of treatment and his outlook on how everything looked with him treating me.  He showed us the CT/PET scans and this is the first time we've actually seen any scans.  He went over all the different areas that "lit up" basically showing the cancer spots in my body.  He feels with the radiation treatments, he will be able to zap the bones in my back and on my upper thighs and alleviate the pain.  I will go in a week from Thursday to have a mold made of my body along with a CT scan.  I will have to have a mask made for my face because he will go in around my throat to pin point the pain in my neck/back area and the mask/ body mold will help hold my body in place for the targeted radiation. For a normal person this doesn't seem too stressful, but for a claustrophobic person like me, lots of prayer and maybe an anxiety drug will help to get me through this procedure.  I have no doubt God will get me through everything.

I will start the clinical trial chemo pill one week from today.  It will be a daily pill, once a day and lab work every two weeks.  God's timing is always perfect.  Tony and I are flying to San Diego/Coronado Island for our postponed vacation in less than two weeks and both my doctor and radiologist seem to think the treatment plans will all fall into place and not effect our travels. 

God's grace has continued to give me strength each day and the many, many prayers being offered up for our family is definitely the reason we continue to find find hope and keep our trust in our Savior.  We are so grateful for the outpouring of love that is constantly being given to us.  To God be the glory, great things He continues to do.



I believe every heart needs a healer
Someone to walk through the fire
All I need I have found
Everyone is looking for a Savior
When it feels like the world is going under
All i need i have found

In my life, Jesus
More of You, Jesus
You are the One
You are the One
In everything, Jesus
My heart sings, Jesus
You are the One
You are the only One

Everyday there's a hope to remember
Yesterday's been washed in the water
All i need I have found


I believe every heart needs a healer
Someone to walk through the fire
I have found

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. A difficult few days behind you! I would advise you to take something for the claustrophobia. Feeling relaxed during such a procedure is better. It's nice that you have holidays to look forward to! May God keep covering you under His wing.

  2. Oh how you bless me. I have a friend ( young) battling cancer. I am going to send her your blog. Hope you have a wonderful trip. You are a WARRIOR.