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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Doctor's Follow-Up Report

I am going to let Jenna, my sweet daughter-in-law, explain all the doctor said to us today. She has been such an encouragement during this journey and has been on board since day one of being by my side. She is a nurse and can comprehend more than I can of what the doctor is saying.

First here is a short story of what happened on the way to the doctor:
On the way to the doctor's appointment, Jenna, Tony and I witnessed a hit and run. We were turning left onto Walton off of Moberly into busy traffic. Tony saw the pick-up truck across the street and warned me to watch out for him. The truck turned right into traffic and side swiped a car and fled the scene. We were stopped in the traffic for a few moments then once we proceeded onto the highway I told Tony and Jenna to be on the look out for the truck. I was driving so I couldn't watch for him, but the very next exit we saw the truck. Unfortunately we didn't exit because my appointment was at the Johnson exit, several exits further down, and we would have been late. Jenna called one of her best friends that is a police woman in Rogers, and told her what we had just witnessed. If I had known my doctor's visit would have been running so late, we could have taken the exit and followed the guy driving the truck. I love adventures, especially when it involves someone trying to disobey the law and we could have helped caught him.

Now here is Jenna' interpretation of the doctor's visit:

(This is Jenna now... ha!) Dr. Ivy's PA, Diana, took Janet's staples out and said her incision looked wonderful and said that she should be the poster child for their clinic because she was doing so well, Praise Jesus! Dr. Ivy then came in and explained the pathology. The Ovarian Cancer cells are "Clear Cells" which isn't the worst kind of Ovarian Cancer, so that is good! Janet asked if it was the "best" kind and he laughed and said "No, "no cancer-cells" are the best kind!" But that was good news and the other biopsies that he took confirmed that it wasn't in other various places in her abdomen. He did say that it is stage 3c Ovarian Cancer for sure, which we already knew, and which is the most common form of Ovarian Cancer.

She is doing so well that she can return to work part-time soon. She will be starting chemo again next week, we think. She will have at least three more rounds of the regular chemo and then he suggested that she do long term low-dose chemotherapy, like 30 min a week, for 6-12 months after that. 4 more weeks until she can ride her bike again and lift more than 20 lbs (which means Hudson!).

We really didn't find out a lot of "new" information, but that is good! Janet never skips an opportunity when someone says how good she is doing to tell them who did it-- Jesus Christ!

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