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Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Steadfast Love of the Lord"

I went to Crystal Brown's wedding late this afternoon and was told by several people that they have missed my blogging this past week and were worried something was wrong with me. So here's a shout out to the Helsley's and Valorie Lawson and thank you for keeping up with me. I'm not sure I will be posting daily anymore, I will post when I know there are things I would like to share for me to remember or that I feel the Lord has laid upon my heart. This past week has gone by so quickly. Seems like days are getting shorter. I'm thankful to be back at work, even if it's not full time. I'm thankful for my job and the ability to be able to go in and work but also know when my body is tired, I can go home and rest. Having surgery, chemo and a sinus infection, my body knew when to tell me to slow down. What a blessing to know God is the one who continues to watch over my coming and going and gave me strength and health to enjoy the blessings of each new day. My hair has started to grow back. I know this will not last long since I've started back on chemo. It's kind of strange to be able to say I'm not worried or concerned if I have hair or not. I would have never dreamed I would be okay being a bald woman. It has been very freeing not having to fix my hair or having a bad hair day. Tony loves rubbing my head and in the past I wouldn't have let him because he would have messed my hair up. Thankful for a husband that loves me just the way I am. I know an illness can be so difficult on families and even cause separation or divorce. God knew I needed Tony in this chapter of my life and I'm so grateful for His grace of bringing our lives together.

Yes my hair has a lot of grey in it!

We've already had a great weekend because Hudson came over Friday afternoon and spent the night with us and was able to stay all day today. GPa and Hudson made a trip to Wal-mart after breakfast to buy Hudson a "dig". Anytime you ask Hudson if he wants to go to Wal-mart his response is "YEA"!

Hudson and G-Pa headed to Wal-mart

Hudson and his new "John Deere Tractor"

The whole family was together to celebrate David's (Jordan's boyfriend) birthday Friday night. Tony made his famous steaks that we all love. We are thankful David is back in Bentonville for the summer and will be working as a youth intern at our church. Hudson also loved hanging out on the trampoline with David and Jordan.

"Happy Birthday David"

"We love this little guy!"

Here's a funny story; my last chemo that I posted on my blog included a picture that was taken of Jordan and I that had "home girl" in the background with a woman asleep. We just found out this week that she is an aunt to Ashley Hester, a friend of ours at church. You have to be careful what you say or post on your blog because you never know who is reading. Luckily Ashley thought it was hilarious and I pray her Aunt Sandy will be okay with it as well.

I am thankful today for the steadfast love of the Lord. He continues to show me so much love and grace everyday. There are days when it would be easy to grumble and complain about life but I also know God doesn't want us living in the "wilderness" like the Israelites did. He provided everything they needed yet they found reasons to continue to doubt God's provisions and wanted to turn back. My prayer is that I never look back and question "why" but may I keep my eyes ahead and looking up and my heart will be grateful for all He has done and continues to do in my life. There are days when I wonder if life will be normal again but then I wonder, what is "normal" ? I think normal is waking up and trusting that God is sovereign and knowing no matter what the day holds, He's in complete control and find rest in His grace. We aren't promised tomorrow, so why not make the best of the day He has given me.

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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