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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"A New Chapter Begins With God's Story"

Today began with 2 new chemo's being administered into my port.  My friend Theresa Bonds went with me and I couldn't have asked for everything to go more smoothly.  I had lab work done first to see where my blood counts would be.  Last week I was told that I would need a blood transfusion this week.  I am so grateful to say that isn't the case.  My numbers are up so I did not need a transfusion.  To God be the glory, great things He continues to do! 

Me & Theresa

Heather & Jordan brought us lunch today.  Thanks girls!!!
 We settled down in the corner of the clinic and were able to spread out with Theresa's knitting stuff and my new cookbook.  She brought her Kindle so we listened to instrumental worship music.  We prayed over the chemo as it began to go into my body and I am believing and trusting that this new chemo is going to go in and attack all the bad cells and set my body free from this disease.  The cookbook I ordered is called "Cancer-Fighting Kitchen" by Rebecca Katz.  It has some amazing recipes and ideas for nourishing cancer treatment and recovery.  I told  Tony last night the greatest thing to happen would be to have a cook come with the book.  I shared that with Theresa today and she took it upon herself to make me the first meal from the book.  The author of the book has a master in nutrition and has researched different foods that help fight cancer cells. 

"Thai It Up Chicken Soup" Thank you Theresa
After my treatment today, I called MD Anderson to see if they received my email.  I ended up talking to a lady in the gynecology department and explained my situation and that today I had started my new chemo treatment.  For now we will continue this new treatment in Bentonville and if we see no changes within a month, a trip to Houston will be on our agenda.  Several times yesterday God's word reminded me to "be strong and take courage and wait upon the Lord".  Our hearts have been encouraged by so many and God's grace continues to give us peace in the midst of this storm.  The big picture is still being orchestrated by Him and our prayer is that we will be faithful in everything we say and do so that others will see what an awesome God we serve!

"Wreath made by Sandra Roberts"
God continues to use others to show us His love.  Sandra Roberts came over Friday right after we arrived home from the doctor and brought a new Easter wreath she had made for me.  It was perfect timing of a reminder that we are never forgotten and that we are loved by our Creator. 

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. Dear Janet,
    I started reading your blog through Kelly's Korner. You have really been on my mind the last couple of weeks since you've been going through so much. It's funny how a total stranger can come to your thoughts, but as sisters in Christ we really aren't strangers, right? I play keys & sing on the worship team at my church and Sunday we sang the song "Always". While I was singing, you came to my mind because during the bridge we sing the words to the name of your blog, "I lift my eyes up, my help comes from the Lord" You probably have heard it but I feel led to send it to you. I pray it blesses you. So many are praying for you and I can tell how much you are loved! Many blessings & healing in the name of Jesus!

    Here's the link: http://youtu.be/hN7L3m9jIcc

    Kim Lewis
    St. Louis, MO

  2. Janet,
    We sang the "God of angel armies" song in church this Sunday (just down the road in Fayetteville), and while singing, you were really on my heart and I prayed for you. Though we've never met, I (like the commenter above) have been keeping up with your journey. I wanted to thank you for encouraging us as we read along with you, and for always pointing us back to our God of angel armies. I pray that this chemo knocks out what it needs to knock out and that you continue to feel the peace of your savior who loves you enough to surround you with so many sweet friends and family as you fight.
    God bless,

  3. Janet - Echoing Kim's comment above, I found your blog thru Kelly, too. And I also think of you throughout the day - sounds weird, I know. I am re-newing my Christian walk, and your blog has helped me tremendously with the scriptures you post, and, of course, the awesome faith and love for Christ you project. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


  4. I liken what you are going through to a marathoner, who did not sign up for the marathon, but is now running the race. Running beside you are your family, your prayer warriors and friends who are cheering you on and helping in any way they can. God is giving you the strength and courage to run the race. As you run you keep on receiving strength.
    Praying that this new treatment will be VERY successful!
    I love the Lord who heard my cry
    And granted my request;
    In Him who hears and answers prayer
    My trust through life shall rest.

  5. Janet,
    Look how the Lord has used you to touch so many lives. Through this blog God is showing all of us what an amazing family we are all a part of. Sweet sister may God use this new treatment to kill all the harmful cells in your body.
    May he also continue to use us to bless you as you have blessed us. Love you Janet

  6. I have been doing the breast cancer dance for 5 years. I tell people when dignosed pick a fruit of the spirit and write every verse about it. I also picked a quote by Winston Churchill-When going thru hell keep going and lastly invest in a good paper shredder. Live, Laugh, Love.

  7. Janet- I feel the same as several of the other women who have commented! Your story has captured me and I have thought about you daily. I feel like this is one of Kelly's "Show us your life" series where she gets singles together, except this time it is sisters in Christ! I teach in a preschool and our daily prayer this month is Today is the day in your honor. Seven very sweet little boys and their teacher pray daily in your honor. Stay strong! We are pulling for you!