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Thursday, October 17, 2013

"A Battle Raging On"

Hi friends. This is Jenna (Janet's daughter-in-law) writing on Janet's behalf.

We are asking for major prayers for Janet. She just told me that she literally "feels like her body is going through major starvation". Nothing sounds good. She has been battling with nausea and feels like her body is withering away to nothing. She has lost quite a bit of weight and needs to be able to eat for her body to keep fighting the cancer.

We aren't sure what is causing the nausea, but nothing is really helping with relieving it. It's possible that it is the clinical trial pill, which is very important that she keeps taking. She has also been very tired and only gets relief when she is asleep.

Today was her 5th radiation treatment. She is doing great with it and is already seeing improvement with her pain in her hip and in her neck. That is a huge praise!

So those are the "details".

But I am pleading with you on Janet's (and our family's) behalf to cover her in prayers. She has had a very very rough time the past two weeks.

I'd love to give you a list of specific things to pray for...
-Pray that Janet's nausea will subside and that she will be able to eat and GAIN weight.
-Pray for her emotionally as this has been so draining on her.
-Pray for her to have an increase in energy.
-Pray for Tony as he is helping her through these tough days.
-Pray for Bryan and Jordan and their families.
-Pray for Janet's doctors.

We appreciate all of your prayers more than you know and I will try my best to keep you all posted. We are so blessed to have the enormous support system that we have.

"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."



  1. Disappointing news. Janet has been such a trouper and so many people surround her in prayer. I will be praying for her and asking for relief and also that she gets an appetite. May God be near and dear to each and everyone of you.

  2. Sending you love from New Hampshire.

  3. Love, strength, and continued prayer for each of you.... we have been with you from the beginning of this journey, and continue to believe and trust that all of Gods promises are alive, well, and already accomplished xoxo We love you.... "Abilene Buettemeyers" xoxo

  4. We just read this and stopped and prayed for you, Mrs. Pate.
    - Matt and Emily Tyler

  5. Praying for Janet and the whole family from KY. Had a fmaily member with nausea and found help with natural ways. Check out www.earthclinic.com. Aslo family member had low vitamin B12. With shots saw an increase in energy. Just a thought.

  6. Praying! God bless you all.
    -Sarah and Jared Jennings

  7. Janet, I dont know how you would feel about this, but ive heard about a holistic doctor in Rosebud, Arkansas who has people lined up out of his clinic because he says he has a gift from God and God tells him how to heal his patients. And ive heard amazing stories about it. Maybe research it for yourself, but it couldnt hurt!! I'll be praying for you!!!

  8. Yes - praying from northern California! I have been following Janet's blog for quite a while now. A year, maybe? I am always so blessed by her gracious demeanor as she walks this road of struggle. Thank you for sharing honestly what is going on. God needs to hear our specific prayers.

  9. Praying in Australia. God Bless Janet and God Bless you all as you support her.

  10. Dearest Janet, I've read for a long time, always prayed, but never commented. I dreamed about you last night! I dreamed I came to visit and life was going on around you, just like you like, and you were resting on the couch. I asked if I could rub lotion on your legs and feet and while I did, I prayed for you. I prayed silently, because you and I were busy catching up:) Then you asked if I could do the same(lotion and catching up) for Jordan and called her over. I prayed silently over her as well. I'd forgotten my dream when I first woke up and as I was going about my morning, it came back to me so vividly that I came immediately here to the computer to tell you! I feel so blessed by our visit in spirit! Please know that you & your's continue to be in my heart's prayers... both day AND night! BE ENCOURAGED dear one! Cherry from Jacksonville, FL

  11. Praying for Janet and her family!

    Susan in Indiana

  12. You don't know me Janet, but I have also been reading your blog and keeping you and your family in my prayers. It is one of the first blogs that I check in on each morning and I always get a uneasy feeling when there is not a post each morning. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  13. Janet, I am still praying for complete healing for you! I will add these specific things to my prayers. The Lord has had you on my heart these past few days and I have been praying multiple times throughout the day for you.

    Julie (in Houston)

  14. God, surround Janet with your love and healing arms. Please take her nausea away so that she can enjoy food again and regain her strength. Please surround her husband and family as they support her during this time. Give them the strength to continue to care for her well. We ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

  15. Love you Janet. Always praying for you and your loved ones.