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Our Family


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Friday, October 12, 2012

"Hawaii Five-0"

This is what I came home to today after lunch.  Tony said he wanted to show me something.  He pulled up the old Hawaii Five-0 episodes theme song for me to watch.  I kept waiting for something to happen and after he played it for me 3 different times, he finally had to keep it on the above picture.  I will be turning Five-0 (50) in December on Christmas Day and he is taking me to Hawaii!!!!  He wanted to surprise me on my actual birthday but obviously he isn't good about keeping secrets.  The Lord continues to shower us with blessings through a couple at our church that has a time share, and we are not going until the end of March.  We will have five things to celebrate by then:
1.  Cancer Free
2.  Jordan's Wedding
3.  I'll be "50"
4.  A New Grand-baby
5.  Our 19th Wedding Anniversary 

We've always wanted to go to Hawaii and the Lord willing, it will finally happen.  So thankful for the love and patience of my husband through this year's journey.  I personally know it isn't easy taking care of your spouse with a disease but thankful to have God's grace to help carry you.  We both feel so blessed to have each other and cherish our time together.  I am so grateful God brought our paths together and never want to take what we have for granted.  I love you Tony Pate!!!!

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. Bless your hearts!!!! That is so exciting and I LOVE the creative way Tony told you about your gift. I am also blessed with a very creative, romantic gift giving husband so I especially share your delight! Enjoy the journey, not just the trip! : )

  2. Well, this just got my Sat. morning started off with a smile on my face. What a trip! Hawaii is like no other place and what a celebration for you and your Hubby. I'm so happy for you!

  3. Praising God for such wonderful surprises that are coming your way!!! You will have so much to celebrate, it will be the trip of your lives, I am sure. I read your blog every time you post, and then spend some time in prayer asking our gracious heavenly Father to heal you and restore you to full health.

  4. Whooo hooo - yeay for Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!
    If anyone deserves a wonderful vacation - it's you and Tony!!!

  5. I am soooooo happy for you and Tony!!!
    You will have so much fun. I have heard that Hawaii is better than we can even imagine.