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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Humbled by His Grace

Tonight was our monthly "FUEL" service where we bring in all the youth, 7th-12th grades, into the Worship Center. We usually start off with worship from Jared Sears and his band (Tony is the drummer) and Ed Newton, from Memphis, TN, brings a message to the students. Tonight's service began a little different. We started 30 minutes early to allow any male to come and shave their heads in my honor for the fight against Ovarian Cancer. What an amazing sight to see so many from the age of 2 to 50 something years of age getting their heads shaved.

"What amazing support I have"

Thank you to all that participated!!

How do I know God is real and alive today? Because He lives in me and continues to show me so much mercy and grace through so many prayers and love and support in this fight! Ed started the night talking about "Fasting". I'm not sure how many adults or teenagers have heard a challenge about what fasting really is. He challenged the whole group tonight for the next 30 days to give up something that would be a sacrafice to give up. (example: facebook, cell phones, a meal a day, sodas, etc.) First to give it up for Jesus and to focus that time on Him and to know Him more, but also during that time to say a prayer on my behalf to be healed. Wow!!! Words cannot express the emotions that went through me tonight and that are still with me now as I try and convey all that I am feeling. To know I have so much love and support from youth and adults that would give up something first to honor God, then to say a prayer of healing on my behalf is overwhelming. See how awesome our God is!!!!! Thank you to everyone that made a fasting commitment. My prayer through all of this is to honor my Lord and Savior for all He has already done for me. He died in my place and took on all my sins from past, to present and future, so that I could have a relationship with Him. My response to Him is to do my best to honor Him with my life. I want all the glory to be about Him and I desire that no pride be in me for any of this, because He is my everything and I want others to know Him and trust in Him as their Savior. We had a young man tonight give his life over to Jesus. I can say this fight has already been worth it!!! To God be the glory, great things He is doing!!!! I'm not sure what else needs to be said other than, "This is the day the Lord has made, I have rejoiced and I am glad in it!!!"

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