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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break

This is our school's Spring Break week, and there is not a lot going on with our work schedule, so Jordan and I have enjoyed some time of relaxing and taking it easy. Well that is questionable, she wanted to repaint her room and somehow I am part of the painting process. Several have been shocked that we are painting again. Yes we just painted her room last year's Spring Break and this is probably the 4th time we have painted her room in the last 10 years.

Jordan painting

Bald me painting

We usually have our twin granddaughters from California here with us during Spring Break. We weren't sure how I would be feeling after chemo, so we never booked their flights to bring them here. I am sad Kimberly and Kaitlyn aren't with us and we miss them so much. These girls are the sweetest teenage girls you will ever meet.

Kimberly and Kaitlyn

I am having a very good week. My appetite is back and I feel really good, better than before my diagnosis was given. I have been craving Peanut M&M's and I had Jordan run into Walmart and get me the biggest bag they have. Between my cravings and hot flashes, I wonder if it is pregnancy or menopause?? One minute I am freezing and then my body heats up from the inside and my sweats and the covers have to come off. Crazy, but maybe I am getting everything out of my system at the same time so I will be like a new woman before this is all said and done. :)

"This is the day the Lord has made and I can say I rejoiced and was glad in it."

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  1. The hot and cold craziness has got to be the chemo because I have the same problem...right after treatments it could be the steroids as well :)