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Our Family


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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Friday

Woke up feeling great today and had a friend, Maureen Mangrum call me to go for a walk at Crystal Bridges Walking Trail/Museum. (Bentonville's newest attraction that made the top ten places to visit for 2012) What a blessing to have friends to encourage and spend time with you. I never want to take these days for granted, health and just enjoying God's creation. Jordan and I had lunch with Tony at one of our favorite places, Schlotzsky's. After taking him back to work, we decided to go and try on wigs, well I tried on the wigs and Jordan took the pictures. I really didn't want a wig, but figured since my head has been shaved, why not go and see how I would look with different lengths and hair color. I have posted the pictures and you can be the judge, do I get a wig or go for the bald look and wear hats and scarves?

For now, I am going to stay with the bald look and no wigs.

People say we look alike. That makes me very happy!!!!

Jordan and I went and picked up our favorite little guy from Mother's Day Out and did a little shopping then brought him home with us to wait for his daddy to get off work. His mommy is a nurse and works on Fridays. I am so thankful he was here with us on Wednesday night (thank you to Pam Darst for suggesting he be here) to watch my head being shaved. We didn't want to scare him or have him be afraid of us. As you can see below, he still loves his G-Ma.

Hudson rubbing G-Ma's head

How grateful I am for this day and can once again say, "This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. The picture of you and Hudson is too precious for words!
    You are constantly in my prayers!

  2. I found them! :) My vote...#1 bald, #2 long red, #3 long blonde. You are absolutely gorgeous! Prayers for YOU...