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Friday, December 28, 2012

"Balancing Our Day"

Not sure how to really start my post from today.  I will start by being so thankful for a great nights rest.  I was able to sleep last night with no pain in my side like I've had the past month or so and when I woke up this morning, my lymph nodes in  my neck were not as swollen.  I have felt really good all day and haven't had any side effects from the chemo.  So grateful to have felt so good all day.  On the other hand I have struggled with frustrations and don't like feeling that way, especially for everything God has done for me.  Tony had to bring his mom to our house last night and take care of her.  She is not able to go back into the assisted living and we were waiting all day trying to get her into the nursing home.  The hours clicked by and by 4:00pm we were told it would be Monday before anyone could help us on getting her moved.  This means a weekend of Tony caring for his mom.  Maybe that is why God blessed me with feeling so good today, so he wouldn't have both of us to deal with.  She is unable to do anything by herself, including going to the bathroom.  He has gone above and beyond doing what any son should have to do or see with his mom.

Process of getting Grandma up
We have Hudson for the weekend, while his parents traveled to Missouri for Jenna's grandpa's funeral.  He has been extremely sweet and such a blessing all day.  He even joined in on helping with Grandma.

He likes to say "Hudson help too"
We didn't get any snow or ice for Christmas and I know a lot of people were disappointed.  I am thankful God allowed the roads to stay clear this week so I could have my CT scan and chemo.   The snow came in today a little after 2:00pm so hopefully everyone was able to get treated and get home before there were any problems.  Thank you Jesus for watching over those that needed extra care this week, including me.

I don't understand God's ways or timing but that is why He is God and all I have to do is trust and believe He will work all things out for good.  I may not see it as good when I don't get my way but I do know He is sovereign over all things and He will see us through this weekend and give Tony the extra grace and strength he needs to take care of the women in his life.  Hudson is just a bonus for us to have and has made a great balance for our weekend.

Hudson makes GPa happy!!
Psalms 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord,  my rock and my redeemer."   I can honestly say that is not how I lived today and I am sorry for my attitude and actions with how our day went.  I will work on that verse for tomorrow and do better.

" Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. I've read your blog for a couple of months now. You truly amaze me. I hope I never have to walk though the journey of cancer but I'm sure one day I will have a difficult walk ahead of me. I hope I handle it half as well as you do. Wow! You have amazed me at how you praise God everyday & you use all your opportunities to share His love with others. Thank you for being honest on the good and the bad days. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are blessing people you've never met!

  2. I agree with Amanda!! I've been following your blog for awhile now since I found you while looking on the internet for people who were undergoing chemo. We found out my husband had Hodgkins lymphoma a year ago and underwent 6 months of chemo every 2 weeks. Your praises to our Lord were, and continue to be a source of great encouragement for us as we wait and trust right along with you. We are here on this earth not for our comfort, but for His Glory and you are right, we may never know, this side of heaven what our trials did to bless others and to glorify our Savior. Know that we are praying for YOU as you take the red chemo! Praying for Tony too...I understand being on the other side! Ps. 57:1

  3. Oh, Tony seems like he is the "real deal." No wonder you love him! I'm so thrilled that you have had a good day and I hope you have many more to come. and, I pray that the transition to the nursing home will go smoothly for your MIL. I have "been there, done that" more than once and it is a tough time, even if things go smoothly.

    Blessings galore to you and your sweet husband!