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Our Family


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Early Birthday/Christmas Celebrations"

Today was a great day of celebration with family and friends.  Some of my friends took me out for lunch and we had a great time of celebrating my upcoming 50th birthday.  They each gave me a card and together went in and gave me a Promenade gift card to spend.  I'm not sure how people make it in life without Godly, loving, supportive friends that pray for you, lift you up and encourage you. 

Shonda, Lyn, Me, Cindy, Linda, Susan G, Susan B, Laurie, Jordan, Cathy & Lisa
After lunch Maegan and Hutch blessed me, Jordan and Heather with Christmas gifts and a birthday gift for me.  Maegan always does a great job with providing us with gifts that we love.

Heather, Me & Jordan

Heather, Me, Jordan & Maegan
 Both Bryan and Jordan's families will be leaving town at different times for Christmas and  tonight was the only time that we could get together as a family and celebrate.  I made hot ham and cheese sandwiches (thank you Julie for the recipe), Jenna made homemade corn dip and Jordan made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Hudson was our entertainment opening the presents. 

Jenna, Hudson & Bryan

David & Jordan
 Jordan helped me display my pictured Christmas cards on the cabinets.  I think everyone seems to love Pinterest and maybe I should get online to get some great ideas.

I did not hear from the doctor's office today.  I know they will call tomorrow and we will be able to discuss my upcoming treatment plan.  We did find out that my car is fixed and ready to come back to Arkansas.  I was told it was only the radiator and there seems to be no damage to the engine.  I never knew I could be grateful for a busted radiator. 

So thankful for this season of life to spend with family and friends and the blessings of another day. 

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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  1. Oh, so glad you have been so celebrated for your 50th! Yes, Godly friends make such a difference in our lives. Christmas blessings!