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Monday, December 10, 2012

"Workout Friend"

My friend Susan and I have been work out buddies for 5 years.  Neither one of us had a workout routine or a desire to workout, until we started a routine together.  She has always kept me going and it is a blessing having someone to fellowship with and also motivates you.  We even signed up to have a trainer once a week.  Susan has been an inspiration to many, including me and my daughter, on the transformation her body has made.  She has taken part in marathons and even did a triathlon.  We both had very small part time jobs with Wal-Mart in order to workout at the Walton Life Fitness Center.  Our jobs sadly came to an end and we had to go elsewhere for our workouts.  Susan was motivated enough to train hard enough to become a life guard in order to keep her membership at the gym, but I didn't have the drive to become a life guard, since swimming is not on my "favorite" things to do list.   We began slowing down with our workouts about this time last year.  I was having some stomach issues and had know idea what was going on with my pain.  After my diagnosis in February our workout time together came to a halt. 

My good friend Lisa contacted me a month or so ago and told me about a possible opening at the Walton gym.  The opening would be on Monday evenings, so it wouldn't interfere with my job at the church.  I pursued the opening and I'm waiting on my background check to clear before knowing if I have a job or not.   While waiting on the okay for the job, I have been observing a few classes that I will either be subbing for or actually teaching.  The great news is that I have been allowed back into the Walton Life Fitness Center and have started working out with my friend Susan again.  She has waited patiently for me and we are both so happy to begin our routine of working out together.  

Thank you Susan for being such a faithful friend & workout buddy!

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to have my CA125 (cancer marker) checked.  I will not know until Thursday or Friday what my numbers are.  It has been 3 months since my last chemo treatment and my body feels good.  When I had my markers checked last month, I was at 65.1.  Dr. Ivy said if I stay at 65 there should be know reason for treatment.  My prayer is that I will be at 50 or below.  Tony dreamed a few nights ago that my numbers were down in the teens.  No matter what the numbers are, I know Who is in control and will continue to keep my faith and hope in Him.  Psalms 109:26&27 "Help me, O Lord my God! Save me according to your steadfast love!  Let them know that this is your hand; you, O Lord, have done it!"

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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