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Our Family


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Monday, June 24, 2013

"Crazy Uncle Dave"

My brother and his wife, David & Traci, came for a visit for the weekend.  They arrived on Friday and left today.  David & I are 17 months apart in age and have always had a close relationship and enjoy spending time together.  We grew up with a lot of the same friends and I've always loved the bond we share together.  Traci is like the sister I never had.  She has been in our family for almost 30 years and I love the closeness we share too.  They have been on staff at their church in Denison, Texas for almost 27 years and David is the worship pastor at Southside Baptist Church.  He doesn't get many opportunities to be away on a Sunday, so this was an extra blessing to have them here for the weekend. 

David has always been the entertainer in our family.  There is never a dull moment when he's around.  He's always got a story to tell about something and it usually involves himself.  The funny thing is, he came in on Friday and the minute he saw Hudson, the terrorizing began.  A 51 year old man taking every chance he could to make sure Hudson knew who "Crazy Uncle David" is.  I never knew a 2 year old toddler and a 51 year old man could argue and be so crazy together. 

We originally had a trip to Hawaii planned together, then my health did not allow us to travel.  We considered going to Colorado for a long weekend, but those plans did not work out either.  We decided a weekend together was all we needed and it didn't matter where we were.  People travel from all over the United States and the world to Northwest Arkansas, so we knew this would be a perfect place and time for us to be together. 

Our fun with Crazy Uncle Dave & Hudson began on Friday night.  David & Traci did not know who Iron Man was, but now they do.  In Hudson's world, GPa (Tony) is Iron Man.  He knows Iron Man's name is Tony Starks but if you ask him what Iron Man's name is, he says "Tony Starks GPa".  We watched Ironman One on Saturday and the whole time during the movie he says "look GPa it's you , you are Iron Man". 

Big & Little Iron Man w/ Crazy Uncle Dave

David & Traci enjoying the Bentonville Farmer's Market (thank you for the flowers Traci)   

We enjoyed time at the Crystal Bridges Museum.  

David & Traci

Hudson wasn't too fond of this guy!

Hudson didn't like this guy too much either.
Sweet Family time together!!  
Hudson sharing GPa's "dig" with Uncle Dave

GPa & Hudson looking at the "big full moon" with binoculars

Terrorizing  Hudson at Black Hawk Grill in Pea Ridge       

Baby Rhett & Aunt Doe
As you can see, we had a very fun, fulfilling weekend with the whole family.  I'm not sure a person can remember a lot when they were 2 year olds, but for some reason, I feel like Hudson will always remember his "Crazy Uncle Dave". 

I am so thankful that God gave me a great weekend with my family.  I felt great and will always cherish the bond I share with my family.  David & Traci, thank you for taking some time off to come hang out with our family.  We loved every minute of it and nothing can take the place of "time".  We love and appreciate you both very much.  We are grateful for the relationship we share with the two of you.  God has truly blessed our lives and families. 

Tomorrow I go in for another round of chemo.  Praying my numbers are good and that all continues to go well for the chemo to go into my body and kill every bad  cell that is not supposed to be in there.  I'm not saying  that I have the "C" word anymore but that I'm taking chemo and that "by His stripes, I have been healed!"  Thank you Jesus for saving and healing me!!

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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  1. What a fun, fun family time. Adding my prayers for healing.