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Our Family


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Tony went with me today to see the doctor and for chemo.  I wasn't sure if chemo would take place since it has only been 6 days from my last treatment.  My oncologist was pleased with my lab work and said she wanted to stay on the treatment plan.  We discussed MD Anderson and have decided right now that is not the place for me.  She thought staying in communication might be beneficial for future needs if necessary.  I took my CD in today of the scan from MD and she said the radiologist would have to be the one to compare the previous scans.  She said most of the time radiologist do not like to read other scans but she figured they would do it for her.  I am thankful for my oncologist and her nurse.  They seem to always have plenty of time to visit with me and never seem to be in a hurry.  I feel like I'm their only patient and they would stay in the exam room as long as I needed them.  I'm not sure if or when the results will come from the MD CT scan compared to previous ones.  At this point, I feel good, I'm eating well and that makes me "happy, happy, happy."  My phone rang while we were visiting with the doctor and it was the Cancer Treatment Center.  They left me a message stating the our insurance would not cover the cost for me to visit their facility.  I feel this is God's way of saying "wait upon Him".  I know when God has a plan, doors open up and you do not have to force things to happen.  Tony and I both have a peace that the direction we are going for now is God's plan and we will continue to rest in Him.  I had both chemo drugs today and everything went really well.  I am praying for no side effects and that I will continue to be able to work the rest of the week and travel on Friday to Youth camp.  My doctor gave me permission to go to camp. Thank you to all those that pray for me and for joining in the fight with me and my family.  We would not have peace in this journey if it weren't for my prayer warriors.  Blessings to all of you!!! Never forget how great our God is and we will wait upon Him and trust in His goodness and favor.

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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