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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"My God Will Come Through-Always"

What an amazing blessing to be a part of an incredible youth group.

Youth Camp 2013-Allaso Ranch
We arrived home late yesterday afternoon from camp.  On our way home I was asked what my favorite thing about camp was.  I can honestly say, it was the fact that I got to go to camp and was blessed to feel so good for all the days and nights I was there.  It was as if God gave me extra strength and energy to feel like a "normal" person and enjoy every moment of the camp.  I know camp is primarily geared toward students or that is the mind set of what going to camp is usually for, but I feel this camp was for me.  From the moment the first worship song was sung to the end of the camp, God showed me that He truly does care about every detail of my life and constantly puts reminders in my path to let me know He is in complete control of EVERYTHING!  Every worship service we sang the song "Always" and that was the very first song I heard when I was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.  One of the first services we sang the song, I couldn't sing the lyrics but closed my eyes and felt God speaking to me that He was right there with me to remind me that I have nothing to fear.  Within moments, I felt hands being laid upon me and people praying over me.  I felt such a calmness and peace from the Lord.  What a God we serve and worship!!  Psalms 121 was read during one of our services.  This is the first chapter I read after being admitted into the hospital back in February 2012.  There are so many details that would take me pages to write and share how God was confirming His love for me.  His lover never fails or gives up on me and for that I am so grateful. 

I was thankful to be back in my own bed last night and to be home with Tony.  I was able to get a great nights rest and actually slept 12 hours and I am so grateful for that.  I had chemo this afternoon and they always do lab work first to make sure my counts are high enough before receiving treatment.  The news from the lab results showed very low platelets and the nurse had to wait to see if my doctor wanted to treat me today.  I told the nurse I had been at camp all week and felt great and didn't feel like the lab results reflected how I truly felt.  The doctor gave permission to treat and I am thankful everything went so smoothly.  I was just texting a friend and she made this comment "lab results comes from a machine and miracles come from our God." 

I did consider coming home after chemo and resting, but my heart wanted to be at youth tonight to hear students sharing about camp.  God continues to give me so much grace and strength and I know if I would have come home, I would have taken a nap and probably woken up not feeling so good.  I am thankful I chose to go to work this afternoon and stay for the youth share night.  My heart was blessed to see how God did amazing things in student's lives.  He is always faithful!! 

Here is the song we sang at every service during camp and it is God's reminder to me through out this whole past year and half that God will come through-Always.  I will continue to lift my eyes to the Lord, my help comes from Him!  Several ladies I know have recently been diagnosed with cancer and I pray this song will minister to them as it did to me a year and half ago and continues to every time I hear it.


"Today is the day the Lord has made,  I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. You have allowed yourself to be vulnerable to others and that makes it so much easier for people to pray for you with specific requests, but also to praise God with you when you are feeling well. You can be sure that all those youth are praying for you. God is glorified in all of this. Wishing you good health!

  2. I'm so thankful to the LORD with you! Love to all~