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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"He's Into Every Detail"

I am thankful to say all went well with chemo yesterday.  My blood levels were once again questionable but the fact that God's amazing grace continues to carry me and that I have been feeling good, the nurse went ahead and treated me.  My friend Susan Byrum took me.  There was not a lot of waiting and everything went very smooth and quick.

Thank you Susan for sitting with me.
God has shown me several times this past month, how He is into every detail over our lives.  He's probably shown me something everyday and I have failed to recognize what He is doing.  Our junior high students have been working in Fayetteville this week at "The Farm".  It is an organization that delivers produce to your front door and the money goes to feed the hungry.  I have not been able to go since I can't be in the heat or sun.  I decided to go today and take pictures.  I called my friend Theresa on the way instead of sending a text to see how her week has been going.  Her mother-in-law has Alzheimer and lives with them and the care giver is on vacation this week, so Theresa has been on full time duty.  She explained that they were about to take a road trip.  I knew a road trip with her MIL was not an easy task and they don't usually get out much with her.  I asked where they were going and she explained that a young lady that she had been ministering to from the Pregnancy Crisis Center had called and needed a ride to the ER.  I asked where the girl lived and she told me in Fayetteville.  I explained that I was on my way there and asked if maybe I could help out in anyway.  She was afraid it might be out of my way.  I told her the exit I had to take and it so happened that was the same exit this young lady lived.  In fact she lived within 2 miles of where I was going.  I am so thankful how God orchestrated every detail out today and it doesn't matter where we are, what our plans are, if we will be still, look and listen, He will direct our paths to others that have needs.  I felt I had missed an opportunity yesterday to pray with someone and feel God gave me another chance today to be His hands and feet.  That is my daily prayer that I can see and hear what He is trying to show me and be His hands and feet. 

Everyday is a new day to thank Him for His blessings.  I am thankful for my today and that His mercies are new every morning.  Great is His faithfulness.

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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  1. What a blessing to see you out and about and looking so good. I continue to pray for your supreme healing by the supreme healer. May He continue to orchestrate every detail of your days. Blessings!