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Our Family


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Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Blessings of Family & Friends"

"This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it." God has already blessed me with a great weekend and today is only Saturday. We had a lot of friends and family in town.

Yesterday we had 17 people in our home and we shared life, love and laughter. So many times we wait for tragedy to strike and a loved one is gone before we can truly express our love to one another. I am thankful God is allowing all that to take place in my life while I'm alive and have health and to see how awesome He really is. On a day to day basis all the people that were in our home would not be here at the same time, but by God's guidance each one was brought here safely for this season in my life. Here is all that came from a far: Julie Gabardi-Nashville, TN, Joni Hartman-Hot Springs, AR, David & Traci Hudgens (brother & sister in law)-Denison, TX, Danyelle & Annie Henderson (niece & great niece)-Virginia, David Street-Arkadelphia, AR, Caleb & Jessica Wright-Midlothian,TX. David & Theresa Bonds are from Bentonville and took the time to go buy food and come to our house and cook an amazing dinner for all of us. HUGE thank you to those two!!!!!

The original plan for last night, was for me, Tony and my brother, David, to shave our heads together. Well as time has drawn closer, there has been no sign of hair loss on my part and as the night went on, I really wanted them to wait for me to shave their heads. I figured I should keep the hair as long as possible. So for now, we will wait and see what God has in store with that plan. Here are pictures from the weekend:
Bryan, Jenna & Hudson (sorry it's blurry)
David & Jordan (Jenna in background)
Traci, Me, Danyelle, Annie & David (brother & family)
Me, Jessica,Julie,Theresa & Joni (all 5 Steely's)
David & Theresa Bonds
Caleb & Jessica Wright
David Bonds, The "Chef"
Happy Birthday to the Steely Friends!

As you can see, I am BLESSED!!!!! Thank you to all those that made my day special just by your presence in our home. The sign over our back door says "The Lord Bless you and keep you" Numbers 6:24 the rest of that chapters says "the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace." Thank you Jesus for the peace over my life and home. Thank you for blessing me with friends and family. Thank you for being so gracious to me and letting your Light shine upon me.

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  1. love it! Love that verse. AND that picture of us is the first time I've ever thought Hudson looks very much like me.