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Our Family


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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Family photos

Janet wanted to have some pictures of our family taken before she started chemo and started to lose her hair. Our good friend Jeremy Cavness (http://www.jeremycavness.com/) went out with us yesterday for a few minutes and these are the pictures that we got! Thanks so much Jeremy!

Janet starts chemo tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30. She wanted me to tell everyone that she isn't scared or worried at all. The Lord has given her incredible peace during this entire process and we know that He will keep it up! Please be praying for her tomorrow during and after her first round of chemo. It will take between 5-6 hours and she will probably be worn out afterwards. Tony is going with her and that is how they will be spending their Valentines Day together. :)

Please also pray that the roads are clear in the morning so that they can get there with no problems! We have about 2 inches of snow right now and it is still coming down, and it will probably re-freeze tonight, but we definitely want them to be able to make it to her appointment in the morning. It is about a 25 minute drive from where we live so the road conditions are definitely a factor!

We are continually grateful for all the prayers and well wishes. We can feel your prayers covering our family during this time and somehow the logistics of everything just keep working out. Our God is so good! I will be updating tomorrow after her chemo, so please check back!


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