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Monday, August 6, 2012

"She's Engaged!!!!!"

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

What a day of rejoicing this has been. David proposed to Jordan tonight and now I don't have to keep secrets anymore. I never knew how hard it would be to have secrets and to keep them from someone so special in your life. For 24 years, I have prayed for a Godly young man for my daughter and couldn't be more grateful for David Street being brought into Jordan's life. We've had a wonderful night of celebration and the smile has not faded off of Jordan's face. The ring David gave Jordan was from the ring that Jordan's dad had given me. He had the ring made into a new setting and he did a great job!!! Tony and I are so thankful and excited for all God has for this couple. As you can see from the pictures, she was totally taken off guard and had no idea what was in store for her tonight. David was dressed up and Jordan had on shorts and a t shirt with her hair in a pony tail. I think she looked absolutely beautiful!! I am so thankful Bryan was there to capture such a priceless moment. Jordan went on a scavenger hunt from clues David had given her to get her back to the place they had originally met, our youth building. He had a timeline that he had written in his journal at each table with pictures posted for Jordan to read.

What a beautiful sight!!!!

She said "yes"!!!!

Couldn't ask for a more precious gift.

The "Ring"

Thank you Jesus for the blessings of this day and for allowing two young people to trust and wait on you for their lives. My heart is thrilled and over joyed. Great is your faithfulness, your mercies are new every morning.

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