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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"The Day After........"

What a day this has been. I think I have been running on adrenaline from such an exciting night from the engagement for Jordan and David. Loved waking up and spending time talking with Jordan and sharing how these past few months have been such a challenge of keeping secrets from her.

I had blood work and a doctor's appointment today. Dr. Waller wanted to biopsy the spot on my neck after seeing the CT scan but I told her it was smaller and the swelling was going down. I have been on antibiotics since Sunday so she decided the biopsy wasn't necessary as long as the knot was getting smaller. I had to have an ultrasound on my legs because a spot was found on my lungs and she was concerned it could be a blood clot. The technician told me I had good "flow" in my veins. (I assumed that meant my blood was flowing and not clotting) I received a phone call later today confirming there were no clots found and everything checked out good. My white blood cell count was up more than last Friday and so thankful for the good report. I will know the results of my CA 125 by Friday. My chemo has been postponed until Monday next week. I told my oncologist that my daughter had gotten engaged last night and that we were wedding dress shopping on Saturday and didn't want to have an "off" day from the chemo. She told me we will not let chemo ever interfere with my life style. (Love my doctor) She is getting married next month so we have enjoyed talking about wedding plans these past two visits. I have two more full chemo treatments before beginning my maintenance program of once a month.

I keep reading about God's steadfast love and so thankful for His grace over me and my family. We have been rejoicing and loving the excitement of our new journey and season of our lives together. Psalms 59:16-17 "But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress. O my Strength, I will sing praises to you, for you, O God, are my fortress, the God who shows me steadfast love."

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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