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Thursday, June 7, 2012

"A Brighter Spirit Today"

Thank you to everyone that prayed for me today.  God heard your prayers and answered a specific prayer I prayed first thing this morning.  Three weeks ago I missed an opportunity to speak to someone that God placed in my path. I regretted not speaking to her and have continued to pray.  I specifically asked God to put her in my path again and He did.  I was sitting with Tony waiting to go in for chemo and she walked out of the elevator and came and sat by me.  She doesn't know me but I knew who she was.  We had a chance to visit for a few minutes and I told her I had been praying for her and had sent her a card.  She thanked me.  We didn't have a lot of time to speak.  Today wasn't a chemo day for her, she was in for a shot.  God gave me a new perspective on life today.  I was down about having chemo for another year; she will be on it for the rest of her life.  My blood count has been where it needs to be before each treatment.  She was in for a shot that she has to take three times a week in between chemo because her white blood cells aren't rebuilding the way they should. She explained how painful the shots are to her back and legs.  I am so thankful for my health and the grace that has been given to me on this journey.  I know any day things could change. As she was leaving, I reminded her that I would continue to keep her in my prayers.  

Thank you Tony for being with me even when you have a million other things to do.

Today I got to meet "home girl" (the lady in the back ground that was sleeping in a picture that was taken of me and Jordan at my last chemo).  She wasn't asleep today, so I went over to meet her and explained that she was on my blog and told her we gave her a new name.   She is a great lady and has been through a lot.  Her situation makes me realize how blessed I am again.  She has tongue cancer and can't eat, drink and it hurts for her to talk.  The simple things in life I take for granted everyday.

 Me and Sandy aka "Home Girl"

My blood was drawn on Tuesday and I got my results back on my CA125.  My numbers this week are 172.2.  The number means I have a ways to go with chemo every 21 days.  Thankful to say today I'm at peace with everything.

I was able to speak to 3 different people today and all of them will be on chemo for the rest of their lives. Listening and sharing today helped me to walk away from Highlands with a brighter spirit. Without a doubt God continues to show me a lot of grace and renews my hope I have in Him. I was able to share that Hope and trust that I spoke the words He wanted me to share. Psalms 71:14 "But I will hope continually and will praise you yet more and more."

The Chemo procedure today was non-eventful and I was through by 1:00.  I was thankful to be able to go in to work afterwards then come home and cook and then attend Kash & Judd's t-ball game. They made it to the finals!

Way to go Kash & Judd!!!

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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