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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I received a very special email yesterday from one of my best friends since 4th grade, Judy Lynn. My heart was so blessed by her words of encouragement. I struggled about posting it onto my blog most of the day yesterday and last night. I never want to come across as prideful or believe anything good is in me apart from my Savior. I said from the beginning this blog was for me to look back and remember all God has shown and taught me on this journey. I went to the doctor today and had lab work and was told I am ready for round #5 of Chemo this Thursday. I was also told that I still have another year of monthly chemo treatments at the same dose I am getting right now. Needless to say my heart was a little sad and I had a pity party. I'm not sure why I was taken off guard from the words of the doctor, knowing Who really is control of everything. I went back and re-read the words from Judy and decided it was okay to post what she sent me. I realize everyday is a new day and that I can choose to feel sorry for myself or choose to keep my eyes on Jesus and trust Him for every step that is ahead of me. Thank you Judy for taking the time to write these words to me and for your great encouragement. I love you!!!

Janet Leigh,
I've been reading your blog, again. The latest entry made me think of some things I want to share with you. As your very old, as in many years I've known you, friend I especially know of the blessings and joys that have followed you through your days. However, I believe life is about choices. I sat here and thought about your blessings and the choices that put you in the right path for them. I know you already know these things, but let’s go over some of them again.....ready?

I believe because you chose to be an obedient daughter, most of the time, today you are blessed with children that love and respect you. Your choice to respect your parents did not go unnoticed by our Creator. We may have done some stupid things, but the Good Book says to "honor your father and mother" and this you did. There is a reason for this commandment. The honor you've shown will be handed down through the generations.

I believe you made a choice to marry Charles. The road was a little rocky and sometimes questionable whether he was the "one" for you. Yes, he was. Because your path with him led you to the wonderful, caring husband you have today. Your choice to stay by his side and care for him in sickness did not go unnoticed by our Creator. He is bestowing that same care for you today through Tony.

I believe you made a choice to be a mother. Again, God has blessed you with loving, good hearted, children. Because of your choice to be a mom God blessed you with many, many memories of their laughter, tears, good days and bad. Treasures that can never be taken away from you. You will also have many, many memories of laughter and hugs from grandchildren. Your life is full because of the choice you made.

I believe you made a choice many years ago to keep your body a temple and not damage it with earthly things. For this choice you have been blessed with a healthy body that is seeing you through a difficult time right now. You're not suffering from lung issues from smoking, liver issues from drinking, mind issues from drug abuse. Your body was physically ready to fight the fight it faces today. Because of your choices, you have been blessed.

I believe you made a choice and were destined to work in the ministry in some form or fashion. Because of your choice you have seen a number, a big number, of lives changed forever for the King. You have had numerous opportunities to teach, mentor, and love on kids of all shapes and sizes. Many of whom never knew love before they met you. Because of your choice the Kingdom has been increased!

I believe you made a choice a long time ago to keep friendships alive, through the good and bad. Because of this choice today you have so many friends loving on you, especially when you need it most. This choice again, did not go unnoticed by our Creator. He has given you a host of people that care about you, pray for you, minister to you, and bless you on a daily basis.

We all make choices. Some of yours, like everyone else, have not brought the greatest of outcomes. Some of your choices I'm sure have hurts and wounds attached to them. We can't live this life without a battle scar or two. But because God Almighty was/is first in many of your life choices, you are at the top of the blessing list! I believe on judgment day you will be one of the few to hear those sought after words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant".

Love you!

Judy Lynne

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."

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