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Our Family


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

ER Visit/Hospital

I woke up Saturday morning with a small knot on my forearm that was sore. As the day went on, the area grew bigger and became red. We circled the area to see if it continued to grow. Tony went to pick up 3 of our grandchildren in Little Rock and by the time he got home around 9:40pm the area had became considerably bigger. He made the decision to take me to the ER. I was diagnosed with cellulitis and put on 2 oral antibiotics. We arrived back home at 3:00am. I circled the new inflamed area to make sure nothing got worse. By 8:00pm Sunday evening it was obvious things were worse. We decided to let Jenna take me back to the ER and let Tony and Bryan hang out with the 4 grand kids. The doctor that saw me on the first visit noticed I was back in the ER and made sure I was seen quickly. Blood was drawn and an IV antibiotic was started and I was admitted to Mercy Hospital. 30 minutes after starting my IV antibiotics, my head started itching really bad and my chest became tight. The nurse stopped the IV and gave me a dose of Benadryl. The second IV antibiotic was started around 4am and the doctor believes I will be in the hospital until Tuesday, depending on how my body reacts to the antibiotic. I feel perfectly fine and I'm thankful for my health.

This is my head after my allergic reaction. Notice how red it is!

We had a nice visit with my parents and they didn't know I was admitted to the hospital but will know by the time they get home and read my blog. We've waited for awhile to bring our grand kids here and it makes me sad I'm not getting to be a good GMa while they are with us. I know God is sovereign and in control and will see us all through this week. He knows our coming and our going and I'm grateful to have a God to put my complete trust in.

I had a surprise visit from Hudson, Bryan and Jenna this morning. Hudson got in bed with me and had fun pushing buttons. He always can make a average day turn into a great one.

Bryan and Hudson watching Bubble Guppies!
Hudson and Gma
Hudson loved playing with the hospital bed buttons!

"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. A special prayer that you'll be blessed with tender care and needed rest! And most of all God's healing touch ~