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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"A Bueno Day"

I had my 6th round of chemo today, and all went well! I saw Martha Sheets, former member of FBC, first thing this morning. Her daughter is also going through chemo at Highlands. Always good to catch up with people I haven't seen in awhile. Jordan was my side kick today for chemo. We had our favorite Taco Bueno for lunch and brought movies to watch. I had a great nurse taking care of me. She went to nursing school with my daughter in law Jenna. I didn't even feel her access my port so she gets the "Highlands best nurse award." Tom Hill, a member of our church, sat close by with his wife Penny. He's been an encouragement to so many and is still fighting his battle. If you ever have a bad day or feel sorry for yourself, taking a trip to Highlands Oncology will make you re-evaluate your life.

My new favorite nurse at Highlands!!!! Thank you Destiny for taking such great care of me today.
Jordo and me enjoying Taco Bueno and a movie together.
Tom Hill and me.

After receiving chemo I had a dermatologist appointment down the street for two spots that were on both sides of my nose, close to my eyes. The doctor came in and examined me head to toe and removed one spot off my back. I went back to my car and was talking to Jordan about the appointment and told her I had a spot removed and she asked what the doctor said about my spots on the face. Oops, the doctor never checked the spots I originally went in for. I had to go back in and explain to the ladies at the front desk my situation (chemo side effect is what I blamed it on) so they got me back in and when the doctor saw the spots she knew immediately they were pre-cancerous spots and froze them. It immediately felt like two bees stung me close to my eyes. I'm not sure what my face will look like these next few days, but I might be a little scary to anyone that sees me.

I had a great visit with my friends in Texas, Judy Lynn and Deborah Mae, on a conference call tonight. It was fun catching up with each other. They had sent me a picture earlier wishing we could all be together, so I asked where they ate today. They had Taco Bueno too!!! True friendship so far away.

Deborah Mae and Judy Lynn. Love these two friends a lot!! I warned them, after the fact, that their picture (mug shots) might end up on my blog. I am on chemo and phenegran so you have to be careful when you send me pictures.

"Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

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